What makes for the strongest professional development you’ve experienced? Does it:

  • Help you to accelerate acquiring new skills to bring to your teaching?
  • Extend your professional network through connections with dynamic teachers from many types of schools in a variety of settings?
  • Equip you to make a strong case for moving into leadership positions?
  • Prove both fun and inspiring?

These are ways that graduates of the Krause Center for Innovation’s MERIT Program have described their experience, and now is the time to apply for a spot in the 2020 cohort.

In addition to working with a wide variety of educational technologies, participants explore many techniques for improving aspects of their teaching including rapport with students, effectiveness of assignments, delivery of instruction, and more.

All participants take part in a spring orientation (locally for California resident participants working to earn the stipend, and online for those from outside California) come together in Los Altos Hills, California, for two weeks in July. Grant funding awards stipends to participants who are residents of California and who complete all requirements of the program.

While anyone interested should go to the program page for the details, one important highlight is that the academic costs of the program in the spring and summer are covered by our grant funding. Those from outside the area will need to cover their travel to and lodging in California during the summer program.

If interested, the next step is to study the material on the program page. I hope to see you as part of MERIT ’20!

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